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SEAT is governed by the South East Area Transit Board of Trustees. The Board is comprised of eleven (11) members appointed by Muskingum County, City of Zanesville, Village of South Zanesville, Guernsey County and the City of Cambridge.

SEAT is a public transit system. This means that anyone can use the service for any reason at any time during SEAT's operating hours.

SEAT, like any other agency or business has a limited source of revenue. At the present time our funding and revenues only allow us to operate on the days and times established. As we continue to explore various funding options, we will increase service accordingly.

It is not necessary to schedule all rides in advance. If you use any of SEAT's deviated fixed routes, you only need to be at the indicated stop at the indicated time. Demand response service however does require advance scheduling. This allows us time to properly schedule available vehicles to be at the right place at the right time.

All vehicles have complaint forms available. Ask the driver if you do not see them. The complaint process is outlined in the complaint form. All complaints should be addressed to SEAT Safety & Compliance Officer, 224 Main Street, Zanesville, OH 43701, or emailed to

Yes. All written complaints receive a written answer. The administration staff and the transit board use complaints as a means to continually evaluate our service and performance.

SEAT encourages all riders to cancel previously scheduled trips at least one hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time. SEAT understands that situations can sometimes change such as someone else offers you a ride but SEAT still has to complete this trip if you don't call and cancel. This unnecessarily costs you as well as other taxpayers money so SEAT has a "No Show" policy that states that SEAT will suspend privileges for excessive cancellations or No-Shows.

Yes, at their monthly meeting. The meeting schedule is listed on the side panel. Review the agenda for the upcoming Board meeting on the News & Publications tab. Then if the topic you wish to discuss is not on the agenda, please go the the Plans, Forms & Policy Statement page and download the Petition to Address the Board form. Complete the form and follow the instructions on how to submit it. If the item you wish to discuss is already on the agenda, please come to the meeting location 15 minutes before the meeting to complete the petition. The public is always invited to attend the meeting.