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Complementary Paratransit No-Show Policy

Effective Date: 09/21/2022 Replaces: No-Show Procedure

Approved by: SEAT Board of Trustees Approval Date: 09/21/2022


To establish a policy for the determination of No-Shows, definitions of No-Shows, and consequences of No-Shows for Complementary Paratransit service.


South East Area Transit schedules transportation trips in the most efficient way to best provide service. Transportation trips are scheduled in advance to provide passengers with transportation. Trips are scheduled and space is reserved for each trip. Scheduling rides that you do not take prevents others from scheduling and getting the rides they desire.

Call SEAT at 740-454-8573 option #1 as soon as you know you are unable to take a trip or will otherwise miss a trip for any reason. SEAT’s call volume is high so please stay on hold and a customer service representative will be with you as quickly as possible. If no one is available to answer the phone, you may contact us through our website at

You must cancel at least one hour before your pickup window begins. If you cancel too late or miss the trip and do not call to cancel, we will record a ‘No-Show’.

A No-Show will be recorded:

  • If the ride is canceled less than one hour before your scheduled pick-up time.
  • If the passenger is not at the agreed-upon pick-up location during the pre-scheduled pick-up window.
  • If the SEAT vehicle arrives within the 30-minute pick-up window and the customer doesn’t board within five minutes from when the SEAT vehicle arrives.
  • If the passenger is required to have an aide to complete the trip or must have hand-to-hand service (for passengers who cannot be left unattended), but the responsible person is not present to travel along with the passenger or hand the passenger off to a driver/operator before boarding the vehicle or bus.

Please note that if you ‘No-Show’ any trip throughout the day, all other trips will be canceled. SEAT accommodates same-day trip requests as schedules allow so your space may be given away. If you still need trips for the day, you will need to call SEAT and see if a seat is available.

Excused No-Shows

Passengers will not be penalized for No-Shows or late cancelations that are beyond their control. Passengers are encouraged to communicate with SEAT staff as soon as possible if their No-Show is a result of something completely beyond their control such as a SEAT error, a family emergency, or rider illness that precluded the rider from calling SEAT to cancel, a rider’s medical emergency. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Suspension for Excessive No-Shows

All riders will receive a warning phone call to go over SEAT’s No-Show policy if a No-Show occurs. All riders will receive a phone call and a suspension letter if they meet both of the following thresholds:

  • 6 No-Shows in 90 days; and
  • No-Shows consist of 30% or more of their total scheduled rides in 90 days

SEAT will make two attempts to contact riders to notify them of the suspension, in addition to the suspension letter. If two failed attempts have been made, SEAT reserves the right to automatically suspend transportation schedules until contact is made with SEAT by the passenger.

Passengers who show a pattern of violating the No-Show Policy are subject to progressive penalties within two years.

  • First Violation: 7-day (1 week) suspension
  • Second Violation: 14-day (2 weeks) suspension
  • Third Violation: 21-day (3 weeks) suspension
  • Fourth and Subsequent Violations: 28-day (4 weeks) suspension

Impact on Standing Order Riders

SEAT is not obligated to provide Standing Order (regularly scheduled) rides but does so as a courtesy and convenience to its passengers. You must use your standing order ride at least 50% of the time. If you cancel more than six (6) of your standing ride trips in any 30 days, SEAT may stop providing the standing ride. If your Standing Order is canceled, you must follow the normal reservation process to book your rides. Standing Orders may be canceled due to No-Shows. 

Appealing Suspension Decisions

It is your right to appeal decisions made by South East Area Transit for No-Show Suspensions within five (5) business days from the time service is discontinued.

Appeals must be sent in writing to the Operations Director:

SEAT Administrative Building
375 Fairbanks Street
Zanesville, Ohio 43701

The Appeal will be investigated by the Operations Director and presented to the SEAT Transit Director and SEAT Board of Directors for a decision.

Appeal for the above-listed reasons must be made at scheduled SEAT board meetings. No special Board Meetings will be scheduled
for the above-listed appeals, therefore; SEAT reserves the right to table the appeal until the scheduled board meeting. Scheduled board meetings may be found on SEAT’s website at

You may attend the Appeal discussion and talk to the panel if desired. If you choose to attend, you must notify SEAT before the meeting of your attendance. You may bring anyone you wish to an appeal hearing to speak on your behalf. SEAT will provide free transportation to the appeal hearing for you and an aide if needed.

After the hearing, the panel will decide on whether to uphold the decision or overturn it. The decision of the panel is final. SEAT will notify the passenger of the panel’s decision by certified mail to the address on file in writing within five (5) business days of the hearing.


The Operations Director, Transit Center Supervisor, and Customer Service Staff are responsible for the policy listed above.