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All South East Area Transit vehicles are wheelchair accessible and can be accessed on the fixed route service. If you know in advance that you will be traveling on SEAT and need special accommodations, please feel free to call the office at 740-454-8573, and push option 1.

For those disabled individuals who are unable to access the fixed route due to their disability, we offer E&D ADA transportation. E&D ADA is a curb-to-curb complimentary paratransit service that can be applied for. Please be aware that this is a curb-to curb service which basically means that SEAT drivers are not permitted to take clients to their front doors or into their homes. Once the driver has assisted the client on and off the vehicle, the client needs to make other arrangements for assistance if required. If a client requires a full-time caregiver, SEAT will allow that caregiver to ride free with the client. Please call (740) 454-8573 and push option #1 to speak to the helpful Transit Center staff for application information or click on the E&D ADA Application link for a printable version of the application. Once the application is completed and includes a physician’s signature, the application will be processed. Once you are determined eligible, you will be asked to obtain an official SEAT E&D picture ID card. You must present this ID to the SEAT Driver at the time that you board the bus and pay your $2.00 fare (one-way).

To set up rides on the E&D ADA Program, you will need to phone the SEAT office one business day prior to the day that you wish to be picked up. Your ride will be set approximately 30-minutes prior to the time that you need to be at your destination. At that time, you may set a time for your return trip. Get finished early? No worries. Just give our office a call and we'll try to get a driver to you sooner! Additionally, there is a fifteen-minute pick-up window on scheduled pick-ups. This means that the driver is allowed to be 15-minutes early for a scheduled pick up and up to 15-minutes late for a scheduled pick up. All passengers are encouraged to be ready to go 15-minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time to allow for this window. You will receive a phone call at approximately 6:00pm the night before your trip to give you an approximate time that you will be picked up, so when your caller ID says "SEAT", please listen closely!

In addition to the E&D ADA Service, there is a Reduced Fare Program that is applicable to Seniors who are 65 years of age an over and also to those individuals who have a documented disability. An application can be obtained from the Transit Center by calling (740) 454-8573 or by clicking on the Reduced Fare application link for a printable version of the application. Again, once you are determined eligible to receive Reduced Fare, you will be required to obtain an official SEAT Reduced Fare picture ID card and present it to the driver when you board the bus. Your Reduced Fare will cost you $.50 each time you board the bus for a one-way trip for the Fixed Route. Rates for the rest of the service area are discounted by 50% when you present the Reduced Fare picture ID card.